``You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.``

- Joseph Pilates

Nova Pilates is a personal and fully equipped studio situated in the heart of Weltevreden Park. It has been specially designed and decorated to be a mind–body exercise environment. Our studio is separated into two independent spaces which receive abundant natural light, are well ventilated and air-conditioned. At Nova, we cater for those who prefer a more private and quiet atmosphere to exercise and de-stress, an escape from the bustling world that lies outside the windows.

We have amazing packages, which are a unique combination of classes and a great value for money.

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When I was advised at 74 to get more exercise I started to look for the best studio. Some were clean, others tidy, others well equipped, some trainers looked competent, others were friendly, some were gorgeous, others understood my situation, some were willing to assist me patiently to achieve better health – but only at Nova Pilates with Sunny as a trainer, I have found all of this and more in one studio!

– Nico

Since I started Pilates, my migraine headaches are gone! I feel healthier, more confident and my energy levels have improved!

– Margaret Gibb

Pilates has “fixed” my lower back!

– Cindy Anfield

Six months of training with Sunny has really helped me to understand my body dynamics so much better. I am able to do things I never thought I could and I have found strength I never knew I had. You are an inspiration Sunny! Thank you for your knowledge and kindness.

– Penny Bramwell-Jones

Pilates challenges me to focus, co-ordinate, connect and find balance. I learn in every session to breathe and to think my way through – a journey into myself. Sometimes I achieve, sometimes I fail, it is humbling. Pilates has lead me to seeking a healthy life-style, to enjoying the simple and natural and to other exercise disciplines. The Pilates environment is caring, warm, supportive and upbeat.

– Jude Melrose

My life changed after joining Nova Pilates. I joined to try and strengthen my back as I have bad lower back pain. After 6 months my back is stronger and I lost 14 kilos. A very special studio!

– Colleen Campher

Being part of Nova Pilates for the past 4 years has been the most fulfilling experience for me. By strengthening my core and all my stabilising muscles, I virtually have no more back trouble, even though I twice had major spinal surgery. Our trainers are professional and incredibly knowledgeable and our studio is our HAPPY PLACE

– Dianne Esterhuizen

For 3 months at Nova pilates, my back pain is from 10 to 1.

– Shirley Labuschagne

When one is at pilates ones mind focuses so much on one’s body. One forgets about all the issues of the world, the best place to be!

– Jenni

I can’t believe how much anxiety takes away from our lives.

– Mia

Nova Pilates has changed my life in so many ways for the better.
Whatever your age or ability is, Sunny and her team have the time, patience, and understanding to improve your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Take the chance and join. It is life-changing due to these amazing women Sunny, Anzani, Abigayle!

– Brenda Coetser

I do pilates to burn out the “crazy”!

– Carina Grant

Whatever your age – I am closer to 70 than 60- come and join Nova Pilates. Sunny and her team is amazing, caring and qualified to instruct from wary, uncertain beginners to those who have been enjoying Pilates for many years. The confidence I have grown in my strength and ability is something I would never have imagined 18 months ago. There are one on one classes which I needed in the beginning to learn the basics and then you can continue or join the group classes where it is great to see familiar faces every week. If you are unsure speak to Sunny. She is so knowledgeable and guides you not only in Pilates but through understanding of you and your needs, emotional and physical. You will never regret your decision to become part of Nova Pilates.

– Brenda Coetser

There are so many of us going through a tough time. My budget is tight, but I cannot stop coming because I will lose my mind. Pilates has been a savior at different times in my life, so stopping is not an option for me!

– Lesego Morulane

Your studio and your team are wonderful and make so many people’s lives better.

– Mandy Wright

I want you to know, that I am grateful for what you do for me and the interest you take in me!

– Ruth Bots

You are simply the best!
Thank You Sunny for your passionate commitment to my health and to limit and manage my back pain.

– Rolene

thank you so much for opening your studio to me.
I am so grateful for the time spent there with you and your instructors.
Wishing you much success and blessings going forward!
Take care

– Monica

Great place. Great instructors Great atmosphere

– Marry – Anne Ingham

“Just wanted to say I really enjoy Sindy’s classes.
She is excellent, patient, great instruction & helpful.
Today’s reformer class was unbelievable – I came home and sleep like a baby after a long time.”

– Cindy Moodley

I would also like to thank you and send my compliments for Sindy!
She has been wonderful, she has explained everything thoroughly and was firm, patient and kind to me.
She was the perfect fit to introduce me to Pilates.

-Alexis Solimon

The Core workshop was very insightful. I have learnt a lot from Shenaaz

– Cantara

As a chiropractor, I can highly recommend Sunny Trifonova and her team at Nova Pilates! For every fitness level. Individual and group classes. The reformer did exactly that for me – it reformed by body and transformed my life.

-Michelle – Cheri – Cloete

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