Here we are! 

Training 5 days a week, increasing the weights we lift and the speed we run, row, or cycle. There is nothing wrong to overload our muscles!0 In fact, this is the only way to improve strength and endurance!

However many times we fail to plan an adequate REST AND RECOVERY! The REST days are as IMPORTANT as the training ones, in some cases even more important. It is during this time that our bodies and minds experience and memorize the functional effects of training! The muscles and the connective tissue need to recover, especially after heavy use! Too little rest gradually builds up fatigue and suppresses the motivation and the enjoyment of training. 

The signs of OVERTRAINING, we all need to be aware of are :  

– Washed out feelings 

– Tiredness and lack of energy 

– Lacking the motivation to train 

– Depressive moods 

– Insomnia 

– Unexplained mild pains, especially in the legs 

– Decreased immunity

– Changes in the appetite 

– Persistent injuries 

As trainers, we recommend 2 types of recovery. 

The ACTIVE recovery means cross-fit your sport with yoga, pilates, light swimming and time in nature. PASSIVE recovery means complete relaxation, sports massage, soaking in a warm bath or meditation. 

Hope this will help many of you stay healthy and strong and achieve your fitness goals! 

– Sunny 

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