The greatest fear for most women, no matter how old, is finding out you have breast cancer.

 The big C! 

It is spine chilling. But in reality it shouldn’t be. If breast cancer is found early it is easily treated. The longer you leave it the worse it becomes. 

On the 14 October 2010 I was admitted to hospital for a double mastectomy with reconstruction after being diagnosed with stage 3 Breast cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer and I was so incredibly lucky to have had an amazing team of caring professionals that helped me make informed decisions. You have to ask all the questions you have, no matter how foolish you think they are. 

I went through the 7 months of Chemo. (The red Devil now called the red angel). Lost my hair, felt like I had been hit by a bus but at the end of all that 11 years later I am cancer free and fitter than I have ever been. There were 3 focuses I had through all of this. First was diet while on the chemo. The most important part was keeping my system as alkaline as possible with fresh fruit and veg. The second was keep moving. Even when I felt like death warmed up. I got up and walked. The third and most important was the attitude I had. I knew I was going to feel really bad some days, so I worked with it. On those days I rested. Took time out, meditated. On the days I felt good I was productive, I worked and often told my daughter to “catch me while you could” to help with the grandchildren.  I loved and appreciated each and every day I had and believe wholeheartedly that I was going to get through this. There where times I weakened but with the help of family and amazing friends I got through it.

Today 11 years later I am cancer free, fitter than I’ve ever been, thanks to pilates ( thanks Sunny, Anzani and Abi) and grateful for every day I have. 

My only advice to every lady out there is please don’t let fear stop you from seeking help if you are worried you may have cancer. Have it checked out early. The earlier the better. And please have your momograms regularly, especially if you are over 40.

 Here’s to health, happiness and life!

– Colleen Campher

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