Proper nutrition is the backbone of achieving and maintaining a fit physique.
It’s not about counting calories!
it’s about fueling your body with the right nutrients for vitality.
A well-balanced diet not only supports your workouts, but also enhances recovery, boosts energy levels, and promotes overall well-being. Remember, getting in shape is not just a workout routine, but adopting different behavioral and lifestyle habits.
What you put in your mouth plays a pivotal role in sculpting the results you desire.
We will teach you how to eat mindfully by nourishing your body, without deprivation.
After a comprehensive assessment, you will be provided with a custom made eating plan.Your eating program will be sustainable and easy to follow.

Witness the transformative power of combining a healthy diet with exercise!

Nova Nutrition


This package includes :

– One hour consultation on goal setting, behavior and lifestyle habits
– Full body circumstance & composition assessment
– Custom made eating plan
– 1 follow up consultation

Consultations after the first follow up are on a additional cost of R400

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