We have decided to recycle our old PVC advertising banners and transform them into eco-friendly, beautiful wine bags.

At Nova Pilates are very passionate about the environment! 🌟

Re-using the PVC banners will contribute to keeping our planet healthy and clean for the future generations 🌎.
After all, every little bit helps! 🌈

Instead of ending into the ocean or the landscapes of our country, the old plastic banners will be given a new, exciting LIFE!

We are not just going to have a practical and unique product, but we will also going to support a local small business and job creation initiative!

The company, which makes the bags is based in KZN and creates jobs for disadvantaged local people!

The environmentally friendly bags will speak values about our Nova brand and community, who cares! 💜💚

Together, we can demonstrate love and support for the planet EARTH!
Not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

It has been a rough year for all of us!

Let’s go green together and support the sustainability in SOUTH AFRICA 🦋💕💐

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