Everyone has a different Pilates journey. I started Pilates nervous but excited some years back. I was not sure what to expect. Would I be able to “do” some or any of the movements? I found that I could co-ordinate most of the movements with the well thought out sessions and teacher guidance/support over time.

Some movements have become favourites, others are still challenging. I am always learning. 
I have gained confidence, discipline, stamina and strength from regular Pilates sessions. Due to this consistency, Pilates has been the key to unlocking other forms of exercise disciplines for me. I feel open and confident to try, in my case, running and speed walking. Pilates has complimented both.

It feels great to move, to set and achieve goals and to continuously evaluate even when I have encountered set-backs. No matter what life throws at me, good or bad, I find balance and happiness in the structure of regular exercise. Pilates develops the core, the CENTER.

Watch how Pilates takes you from that centre into all sorts of other things, particularly other exercise disciplines. You feel good and you keep exploring more ways to move. It will be interesting to see how your Pilates journey evolves…

– Jude Melrose

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