R1 925 per month

3 private one on one sessions
1 x TRX group class
1 x Mat group class

If you don’t know where to start, the Intro package is for you!

We will take you through on a Pilates journey step by step and introduce you to the fundamental principles, which make Pilates unique.

Our experienced teachers will assess your posture to understand your postural type.
Then they will create and develop a custom-made program for your specific needs and goals.

You will have a taste of the amazing diversity of the Pilates method by working out on our large apparatus, called Reformer, Chair and Tower.

After your 3 private sessions, you will join one group Mat and a TRX class in order to experience a little bit of what Nova Pilates has to offer.

Falling in love with Pilates has never been easier!

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