This diet has bSeen created by Dr Arthur Agarson to treat overweight patients exhibiting heart problems. His book sold 23 million copies. It’s famous as a “food lover’s diet”, with meal plans that look like they have been created by Jamie Oliver.
Upon closer inspection there is a conspicuous absence of carbohydrates, especially in the first 2 weeks.
Compared to Atkins, the South Beach diet distinguishes between good and bad carbohydrates and fats. Atkins and Agarson are in agreement about one thing; trans fats should be avoided at any cost.

What are the basics?
The diet follows 3 phases:
Phase 1 (induction): meant to kick-start rapid weight loss and eliminate cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates.
Phases 2 & 3 are ‘maintenance’ phases: You continue to lose weight until your goal weight is reached, thereafter preventing weight gain.

Expect to eat meat, fish, lots of greens and salads. Not to mention the inclusion of dessert after every meal. Really tempting!

The pros and cons.
The South Beach diet is a healthy, reduced carbohydrate eating plan. It is also vegetarian-friendly, and in a way better than Atkins due to its integration of regular exercise.
On the down side, ingredients could be expensive, unaffordable and impractical to implement.
Forget about it if you are not ready for a real commitment to changing your lifestyle!

The bottom line on low carb diets
These diets are proven to control blood sugar levels and an option for overweight and obese people who have or are at risk of, developing the infamous ‘metabolic syndrome’ and diabetes. Refer to our earlier post about the Atkin’s diet, where we explain in detail why completely eliminating carbohydrate from your diet is unhealthy and may even be dangerous to your health.

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