I embarked on my Pilates journey in 2021, after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Biokinetics from the University of Johannesburg.

The Pilates method has resonated with my scientific approach to exercise, especially when it comes to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

My Biokinetics background has helped me understand the Pilates exercises on a deeper level and the purpose behind them. I am fascinated by the ability of the human body to heal and repair, given the right movement and supplement!

I am also passionate about wellness and encouraging individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle.
In my opinion, a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for a lot of life threatening conditions, such as diabetes, stroke and cancer.
My mission as a movement specialist is to educate and motivate my students, teach them how to incorporate movement into their daily routines and spend less time sitting.

My favorite Joseph Pilates quote is : “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”



  • University of Johannesburg: Biokinetics
  • Pilates Dinamics: Pilates Mat
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