After working as a personal trainer for a few years, I have applied the Pilates principles of alignment, concentration and centering to all my sessions. Slowly but surely Pilates became my niche, my color and trademark, which set me apart from the other trainers at the gym.

Opening my own Pilates studio became my personal dream and goal, which I have achieved after 5 years of persevering and expanding my knowledge and experience.

For me, Pilates is more than a profession or just work! Pilates is my first passion, a bridge that connects me with my purpose in life to help and inspire others to live a healthier life, free of pain! I always focus on precision and alignment and make sure that my clients not only enjoy but fully benefit from their mind-body-spirit workouts.

My lessons are unique and never the same. They are progressive, challenging, well-planned, and rewarding. My creativity and inspiration are deeply connected to my love of Pilates and people!


  • ETA National Certificate fitness
  • ETA Personal training and Pilates qualification
  • James Raaff & Associates Pilates mat & equipment
  • HFPA Sports nutrition and supplementation
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