This year we enter a new chapter that is all about YOU, your health and well-being! 

Instead of setting up new year’s resolutions, only for them to be broken in February, we would like to propose a different approach to your goal setting.

Start with making a decision of what you really want for yourself! Assess areas such as health, wellness, finances, family and relationships. 

Begin everyday with the vision of what you wish to achieve in your day, week and life, and actively start moving towards the desired direction. 

Be honest and patient with yourself.

Be present. We only own the present moment. Make the most of it. 

Get rid of toxic thoughts and relationships, which no longer serve your life. Clutter blocks positive energy and growth!

Start with cleaning out your draws first and then progress to your home, garage and office. Throw away or donate what you don’t need.

Learn how to breath deeply. The Pilates practice will help you adopt a new and more efficient way of breathing. 

Pay attention and be mindful. Your chosen exercise method, “the pilates method” requires a high level of mindfulness. 

Make the choice of eating fresh and nourishing foods, which support your natural immunity! Diets don’t work and never will! 

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