It’s essential to wear comfortable and stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely.
Leggings should be a good quality to not see – through during your Roll – overs on the mat or Spine massage on the reformer.
Choose fitted exercise clothing, which allows the instructor to clearly see the shape of your pelvis and spine. Invest in quality, better have 2 amazing sets for Pilates than twenty Mr Price outfits.
Quality VS Quantity is everything! Moisture-wicking, breathable, and flexible materials like spandex or lycra are great ideas.
A fitted top and leggings or shorts are ideal for both men and women.
Make sure that the shorts don’t restrict your movements though.
Depending on the weather and the temperature in the studio, consider wearing layers.
You can start with a light base layer such as a tee or a fitted tank.
Then add a long-sleeve shirt and a jacket that you can remove if you get too warm.

Supportive sports bra for women are not only recommend, but essential too.
Choose good-quality sports bra that offers support, but also provides comfort and minimize movement during exercise.

At Nova Pilates we require grip socks to prevent slipping on the equipment. The grip socks are necessary for hygienic reasons too.
Our studio’s policy requires the participants of the apparatus classes to wear grip socks.
We don’t allow the wearing of regular sneakers, as they can be bulky and limit your foot’s flexibility as well as damage the equipment in the studio.

Keep accessories to a minimum. Remove jewelry that might get in the way of the springs and cause damage to the machine.
We require you to be fully focused during your class, so fixing your jewelry or hair accessory during exercise can not only be uncomfortable, but risky too.

Tie back long hair to keep it out of your face, and the apparatus parts.
We encourage our students to gently wipe up their mats an apparatus surfaces after class.
For this purpose we provide microfiber clothes and cleaning sprays.

We recommend using a personal rubber grip reformer mat.
You can order yours from the studio and keep it stored with us until your next class.
In this way you won’t lie down on someone’s else’s sweat.
The reformer mat is grippy and will provide extra stability and comfort.

When you choose your Pilates gear, remember that freedom of movement and comfort are the most important factors to consider.
Imagine that you need to constantly pull up your pants or trying to fix a loose bra strap. You simply will be distracted and won’t be able to focus on your movement.
Play with color and creativity to feel good about yourself!

When it comes to exercise gear, we recommend choosing reputable brands, which invest a lot of money in research and sustainability of their gourmets.

Dress for success, be YOU and don’t forget that the most beautiful accessory is your smile!

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